Meditation & Mindfulness Retreat in Des Moines

When: Saturday, Jan. 31, 2009, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Where: 4211 Grand Ave., Des Moines - Des Moines Valley Friends Meeting House on NW corner of 42nd St. and Grand Ave. Park in lot off 42nd or on Ingersoll Ave.

Teacher: Charlie Day is a retired psychologist who has studied meditation and Buddhism for over 40 years in the US, India, and Thailand. He teaches meditation as a self-help and spiritual growth technique and Buddhism as a way of living and philosophy compatible with all religions. Buddha, he feels, would be considered the founder of psychology, not a religion, if science had been more developed 2600 years ago. Charlie teaches classes, sitting groups, retreats, and guides individuals in their practice.

Retreat: Sponsored by the Des Moines Meditation & Mindfulness Group, this retreat is open to new and experienced meditators. It includes instructions for the sitting, walking, and eating meditations, handouts, and a talk. Paul Lambakis will lead a lovingkindness meditation. Lunch is provided.

Bring a cushion, mat, or meditation bench if you have them. Chairs and a few floor cushions are available. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. Please do not wear scented lotions or perfumes because some persons may be allergic to them.

Donation: Teachers traditionally lead retreats at no cost because they regard Buddha's teachings as priceless. Instead, they gratefully accept donations or Dana, the Pali word for generosity. Dana is a totally voluntary way of expressing your generosity to the teacher.

Register: Leave your name, phone number, and email at or (515) 255-8398. Please register only if you can attend the entire day. Call or email for more information. Feel free to share this information with others.

Don't Just Do Something, Sit There!