A Pale Blue Flower

by Ron Porter

Two travelers found themselves walking along the same path in the same direction. After a short time the small talk turned deeper.

The first one asked of his companion what he thought of God. Instead of answering, he returned the question: "And what is it you think of God?"

The first was strong in his position. He said God was the Creator of the heavens, and good and evil. He explained how it all worked. God was the one who provided the guidance for life in the scriptures, which he quoted liberally as he spoke. A Great Being who rules over all the world and all people, he explained. He condemned many people and extolled the virtues of others. He spoke elegantly with well formed arguments exquisitely articulating every point. He finally finished, exhausting himself, and his position. It took him a great deal of time. He then turned to his companion and asked, “Well then, what do you know of the Almighty?”

After a short time the second man spied a small pale blue flower next to the road. As the two approached it, he got down on a knee. Without a word he inhaled the fragrance of this beautiful little flower. He got back up, and they continued walking.

The first grew impatient and demanded, “Tell me what you think of God?!”

To which the second said, “I just did, but you weren’t listening”.

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