Present Moment Oneness - A Glimpse of Enlighenment

The following, sent by a meditating dharma friend, is a poetic description/explanation/articulation of a selfless/egoless/formless/timeless glimpse of enlightenment/nonduality/emptiness/void/oneness, which he recently experienced. As Susuki said, there are no enlightened beings, only enlightened moments.

Another moment, another moment. A moment of clarity gave rise to an understanding. An understanding within the present moment, which is now gone. This is the explanation of that understanding as it is understood now.

The Oneness (whatever it may be that the mind/body and all formations inhabit) is only a matter of density. The completeness was realized/felt/understood while performing a common, daily task.

It was so obvious; there is no empty space, only dissimilar density. The space inside an “empty” glass is only perceived as empty. It is also perceived as different from the glass, separate from the glass; it is not. In the language of physics, on the atomic level (subatomic, descending ad infinitum) this perception is not true. This may be an intellectual path of reasoning, but it exposed a higher awareness. The space inhabiting the space in the glass is also the glass, the hand holding the glass, the house in which the person is standing, the earth on which house stands, The Earth, the universe, the One.

This deeper understanding of interconnectedness, and invariably, causality (affecting a part of the whole can only lead to affecting the whole itself) came from the rational of dissimilar density, as opposed to an independent form ending and another beginning (subject/object mentality). This deluded separation mentality applies even to the false sense of “empty space,” or in other words, the believing/thinking/feeling that nothing exists between objects of perception. Once this understanding of wholeness/oneness is felt, it transcends form also. One understands not only the absence of space dividing form, but the absence of form dividing form.

An all encompassing notion of oneness was then felt; knowing, not a sense of connection, but something greater, a knowing of a non-connection. Where as connection implies being intrinsically separate but attached in some way, this became Oneness. Once the understanding of no space dividing form and no form dividing form was realized, then even the impermanence of reality was meaningless, because the experience of an understanding of One negates the separate mentality of self, if even only for a moment. For a brief moment the task at hand was all there was, and at the same time a piece of the great whole, meaningful to the present and part of the timeless. Every action was caused by the universal flow of the previous, and the same action effecting the continuous, eternal flowing.

In these moments when duality/non-duality is lost, when something is just present as whole/one, it all becomes simple, but of course, it doesn’t last. Todd Brown