Letting Go of Travel Fatigue

After reading the books of a prominent Buddhist Master, a young American decided to visit his monastery in Japan. Eager to get there, when he landed in Tokyo, he immediately boarded a bus for a long bus ride to a rural Japanese village. He then walked a couple of miles before finally arriving at the monastery. He rang the bell hanging on the entrance gate.

The Master opened the gate and welcomed him, explaining that afternoon tea was just about to be served, and he invited the young man to join the monks. The American told the Master about his travel ordeals. He explained that he hadn’t slept for a couple of days and asked to be excused from tea in order rest first.

The Master replied politely: “At this monastery, it is now time for tea. If you prefer, there is another monastery a couple of miles further down the road where you can rest at this time.”

--This story illustrates letting go of fatigue and personal desires and expectations in order to surrender to present moment activities and the wisdom of a beneficial discipline and practice.