With One Voice Thoughts

Many thanks to the more than 250 persons who attended the showing of the "With One Voice" spiritual documentary in Des Moines recently and for the many positive comments I continue to receive. The attendance far exceeded expectations and reflects, I think, an exponentially growing interest in spirituality.

One of the most inspiring thoughts shared by the featured mystics is that simply living a kind, loving, and compassionate life is both the path (practice) and the goal (fruit) of spirituality. As a practice, living a kind, loving, and compassionate life is undertaken intentionally and purposefully. And as the fruit of awakening, it is the spontaneous expression of what mystics agree is our already enlighened nature. I'm reminded of the Dalai Lama's oft repeated statement: "Kindness is my religion."

For more information about and to order this remarkable DVD go to the website http://www.withonevoicedocumentary.org/, to producer Matthew Flickstein's website http://www.forestway.org/, or to http://www.amazon.com/ under the movies category.

My heartfelt thanks to Matthew for producing the film and for being my Buddhist teacher for the past decade. Please feel free to share your comments by emailing me at charlesday1@mchsi.com or by clicking on the "comments" link below.