Tribute to John Lennon

On this aniversary of John Lennon's death, I thought I'd post this tribute to him that I wrote within an hour after hearing of his death. Even in the days before I studied Buddhist philosophy of non-harming, I actively opposed the Vietnam war, promoted peace, and identified with John Lennon's similar efforts. My tribute follows:


Written (12/9/80) by Charles Day within an hour after hearing about his death the previous night.

I will miss you, John
I watched you grow up.
I loved you deeply.
You could say what I couldn’t.
And do what I wouldn’t.

I watched you be brilliant and talented,
and stoned and crazy, and stupid and wise.
And I fancied that I was all of those things right along with you.

I bought a big poster of you and Paul and George and Ringo,
back when you all still had short hair,
and played the early simple rock that
you were to develop into a musical art form
respected by even the classical giants.

It hung for many years beside one of Bob Dylan
which I got the same day.
You both conveyed in music and lyrics and message and lifestyles
the courage to be
to be loving, to be peaceful, to be yourselves
and to wish the same for everybody else.

As Yoko said after the tragic shooting,
"John loved and prayed for humanity.
Now we can do the same for him."

We will too.
Thank you, John, for being a part of my world and my life.
I will never forget you.
I miss you, John.