"Just Breathe" Reporter Tells Drake Students

"All that can be heard amid the inhales and exhales is the quiet traffic on the street outside. And the occasional stomach grumble. A few people are positioned atop cushions in neat rows on the floor, others sit upright on one of the metal folding chairs lining three sides of the room. A bell rings, and each pair of eyelids droops shut.

"'The task is to diligently focus on the breathing and refocus on the breathing,' Charlie Day tells the group gathered in the partitioned room at the Friends Meeting House in Des Moines.

“Breathing in, breathing out,” Day says encouragingly before he, too, descends into silence."

Thus begins an article written for the Drake University student newpaper, The Times-Delphic, by reporter Ann Schnoebelen. Read the rest of the story, Just Breathe, by clicking on http://timesdelphic.com/2011/04/13/just-breathe