Walking Meditation Practices

Natural Walking Meditation: While walking anytime anywhere mindfully focus the attention on the sensations around the nose of breathing in and breathing out, or on the sensations felt in the bottom of each foot as you place it on the ground. Choose either the breath or foot sensations and return the attention to them whenever your mindwanders. Do this when going for a leisurely walk, while walking to or from your car,office, home, etc., or while walking at a faster pace, jogging, or when using a treadmill.In taking a walk, you may at times wish to give sustained attention to objects other thanthe breath or foot sensations, such as an interesting sight, flowers, birds singing, childrenplaying, or a social interaction. If this happens, stop walking and give that object your mindful attention, until you are ready to return it to the moment-to-moment breath or foot sensations while walking

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