Class on Buddha's No Self/No Soul Controversial Teaching

Friends: I'll be teaching a three-session course on Buddha's teaching about "No Self/No Soul" beginning Monday, 7-9 pm, Feb 27. If interested in participating, read on. Peace, Charlie

Class: Self or No Self: Buddha’s Controversial Teaching
Place: Plymouth Church (Rehersal Hall), SE corner of 42nd & Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, IA
Time: 7-9 p.m., Mondays, Feb. 27, Mar. 5 & 12
Teacher: Charlie Day
Fee: $30
Register: Online at   or contact Marta Hawkins at or phone 255-3149

Buddha’s No Self/No Soul doctrine has been his most misunderstood, off-putting, controversial, and confusing teaching. Lectures, discussions, meditations, guided imagery exercises, and recommended online readings will be used to help class participants intellectually understand and transcendentally experience “no self” as that exotic mystical state which is shared by and endures for mystics in all spiritual traditions, and which we all occasionally experience but rarely recognize as such. 

The class is open to both new and experienced meditators and those with no or lots of knowledge of Buddhism. Participants are asked to commit themselves to meditating at least 20 minutes on at least three days of each week during the course and, hopefully, more often thereafter, in order to facilitate intuitive apprehension of the intellectual teachings.

It is recommended but not necessary to use the following book as a resource during the course: “Mysticism for Modern Times”, by Willigis Jager. Liguori Publications, 2006.  Order from local book stores or online at