Lovingkindness Tour, Potluck, and a Retreat

Meditation Friends: Three exciting events coming up:

1. Join me in attending the opening ceremony this Friday at 6 pm at Hoyt Sherman Place of the Lovingkindness Tour of Buddhist Relics featuring Mercy Hosptial Dr. Richard Deming, Des Moines Author Jim Autry, Mayo Clinic Dr. Nisha Manek, and RandomKid Founder Talia Leman. View the exhibit afterward or attend anytime between 6 pm Friday to 12 noon Sunday. Admission is free. More information is available at www.buddharelicsdm.org. It's been viewed by over a million and a half people around the world. All those I've spoken to who've seen it in other cities report having an unexpected powerfully moving experience.

2. Join our 3rd Sunday of the month potluck this Sunday at 6 pm. Bring guests and a vegatarian dish to share or come just to socialize if you don't want to eat. Questions can be asked of Hostess Cris Douglass at DesMoinesMeditation@yahoo.com.

3. A retreat from 8:30 to 4:30 will be held Saturday, Sept. 1 at the Friends Meeting House. Register with Cris Douglass at DesMoinesMeditation@yahoo.com. Retreat details are available at www.DesMoinesMeditation.org by clicking on the Next Retreat link on the top right side of the home page. Peace, Charlie