There is no/thing that is not God

It’s all God, god, infinite intelligence/awareness or whatever you want to call it, including humanity's dualistic judgments about and imposition of rights and wrongs, good and bad, legal and illegal, fault and no fault, responsibility, accountability, which the individuated gods called psychopaths or saints, you and I, are subject as interdependent parts of the unified indivisible whole. And parapsychological experiences and theories of reincarnation, whether in a heaven or hell or one of six realms, and belief or disbelief in them are God. All that is, whether material or mental, whether imagined or real, is God.  Interpretations as correct or incorrect and whether we are God or a limited aspect of God, are but expressions of God, the One Mind, or whatever you want to call it. There is nothing that is not God.  And whether this makes sense or any of it is true or not, that’s God too. Questions and answers are God. Peace, Charlie
The above was my response to Larry, a meditator with whom I regularly communicate, who read my essay on Nonduality and Duality - -  and emailed me the following: "If I get the jest of what you are saying, we would have to conclude that the psychopath that raped and killed a little 6 year old girl was not at fault or any more to blame than any other. Or how do we deal with such question? And how do you answer the question, is there a God. I would say, absolutely, but not separate and we are It or limited aspects of It. Huh?"  Peace, Charlie