In my mind, Teja Bell's most notable, of all his notable statements, was, "It's easy to hurt, it's hard to heal."  It seems that we, as a society on the whole, have taken the easy road for too long.  Maybe it's time to take the hard road to healing.

It's easy to get caught up in today's anger and hate.  I find myself thinking angry, hate filled thoughts towards those who spew angry and hate filled words.  I had ended up on the opposite side of the same coin; participating in the world of duality; caught in a, seemingly, never ending cycle that "propagates the malady of the world."

Returning compassion for anger and love for hate is the hard road traveled to make the world a better place.  What thoughts, speech and actions are best for those children yet born?  Right thoughts speech and actions will also bring an inner peace, "the peace that surpasses understanding."  So be selfish, be kind.